ALERT – In Solidarity 5,00
mcd with 5 songs, melodic hardcore at its best, lyrics dealing with anti-capitalism, animal rights… (Access X Denied)

SOMEWHAT DAMAGED – Another Place, Another Time 7,00
thrash metal attacks meet melodic parts, screamed vocals in addition to euphonic singing, the song structures are clearly punk rock and the attitude as well – the most diverse release so far! the songs were recorded live and you can tell from the result, that the band put some effort in all the work… great lyrics dealing with personal and political issues make this perfect. (Access X Denied)

ADAM BLACK – Dreamer’s Art 7,00
different line-up than Somewhat Damaged, but also great music… more metal than punk and you can feel the potential that found its climax in SD’s new recording „Another Place, Another Time“ (self-released)

CD-R KOMMANDO KRONSTADT – Demo-lition 2,00
angry political hardcorepunk (selfreleased)

RUN TIME ERROR – 2006-2008 5,00
89(!) Songs of „thrash in your face“, beautiful digipak (selfreleased)

ANATOMY – Overtreatment 5,00
grind from Italy (Subwix)

HAMMERHEAD – Stay Where The Pepper Grows 5,00
Finally a re-release of the classic first album by one of the most important and most controversial german Hardcore-Punk bands of the 90s!!! Originally released in 1994, having been out of print for almost 10 years now, and being a highly sought-after collectors item since then, this piece of history is now, due to popular demand, finally available again! Remastered (but not remixed!) for maximum listening pleasure (X-Mist)

KE-KE-M – Wait! We-re Late! 5,00
highspeed hc-punk´n´roll from Italy (Subwix)

KROMBACHERKELLERKINDER – Never Ever Fuck Die 1993-2005 5,00
discography, many many many songs (Horror Business)

THE KENDOLLS – s/t 5,00
punk from sweden, in the vein of Turbonegro (Subwix)

STRAIGHT CORNER – Gewehr bei Fuß 5,00
punkrock (Horror Business)

HELLPETROL – don´t touch the master knob 8,00
catchy punkrock tunes from Düsseldorf, really excellent and yet one of the best releases 2009!! (Subwix)

CLUB DÉJÀ-VU – Mondphasenfriseur 8,00
german punkrock (Subwix)

V/A – Only The Diehard Remain 5,00
hc sampler (Horror Business)

DISTANCE IN EMBRACE – Utopia Vs. Archetype 5,00
(Horror Business)

(Horror Business)

POINT AT OTHERS – s/t 5,00
straight-forward hardcore, netherlands, I guess people who like „modern hardcore“ should listen to it (DP (or not DP) Records)

DISOBEY – Wrong Turns Don‘t Count 6,00
well-done old school hc (Major Threat)

TASTE THE FLOOR – s/t 6,00
thrashy hardcore from italy (Rising Riot Records)

KRAUTBOMBER – s/t 6,00
pissed hardcorepunk with german lyrics, like NNN on 45 rpm (Rising Riot Records)

ASIFLASH – Festung Entenhausen Abschaffen 5,00
hardcore, the „asi“ way (Katze Platten)

PIROMANOS DEL RITMO – Nosotros Tenemos El Fuego 5,00
raging hardcore crust, chile, some nice crossovershit with some bits of rap and punk (Depraved & Devilish)

COCKROACH – Take Four 7,00
melodic and thrashing hardcore, netherlands, they‘ve got one smart song which encourages people to re-use their waste and that’s a good cause, nah?! (DP (or not DP) Records)

DUMPYOURLOAD – The Innocent Mankind E.P. 5,00
Thrashmetal meets Hardcore, 7 Songs (selfreleased)

first full-length, 13 songs in an hour, they add a good dose of rock to their old style thrash metal/hardcore sound, good improvement (selfreleased)

V/A – El Cambio Empieza En Mi 5,00
Straight Edge-HC-Sampler, with bands from south america, mostly Metalcore, 15 Bands with 2 Songs each, like Nueva Etica, Decision Final, Nadie Save Nada, Forever True,… (Thrashbastard)

FPO – 2003-2007 Recordings 6,00
41(!) songs, outraged hardcore with passion, rip!